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    Study in USA

    Going to college is an important stage in the academic, personal and professional growth, and sporting development of all students. Studying in the Unites States offers a unique experience. Due to this, the decisions that families make are extremely important. At W2A, we guide the families with the process of studying in the United States and help them make the right choice.

    The three different profiles we work with are:
    – Non-Athletes
    – Athletes
    – Elite Athletes

  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    No Athletes

    For non-athletes, also known as regular students, the process is catered to the admissions departments of colleges. Here, the student must be near or meet the requirements of the university in order to be admitted. .

    At W2A we work hard to identify the best university fit for each student depending on his academic profile and interests.

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    If an athlete’s level does not allow him to play for Div I or Div II, universities give athletes the opportunity to play for Div III; however, coaches are incapable of offering a sports scholarship.

    Although a sports scholarship cannot be offered by coaches, if a coach becomes interested in a player, he or she can offer him a spot on the team. W2A management helps these students with the recruitment process and the students can still earn an academic scholarship to study and compete in the US.

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    Elite Athletes

    Athletes that compete at a high level of competition have the opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship. For these candidates, the process is focused more on the recruitment of coaches. This process begins with the communication between the athlete and coach. Over time, if the coach is interested in the athlete, he or she has the option to offer the athlete a sports scholarship that the student can combine with an academic scholarship.

    Our mission at W2A, is to find the best academic and career opportunity for each athlete student.
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Our value


The university period is a crucial stage in the personal, academic, professional and sporting development of every student, so the decision that each family makes, relying on a particular university model and a particular group of professionals who advise them and accompany them during this path should be taken assessing the pros and cons of each of the options.

In this sense W2A Management has a number of unique values while not guarantee the ultimate success of the process (nobody can) if options to optimize each of our CANDIDATES.

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