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    Study in USA

    The university period is a crucial stage in the personal, academic , professional and sporting development of all students. Therefore the decision that each family takes, betting on the American university model, should be assessing the pros and cons of each of the options . Every student, every family is different and therefore it is difficult to try to homogenize but some common points can be set for each of the following three profiles:
    – No Athletes
    – Athletes
    – Elite Athletes

  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    No Athletes

    For Students No athletes, known as Regular Students, the process is different because the focus moves from the coaches to the departments of college admissions.

    There is a previous work of staff assessment and identification of those universities that fit the profile, objectives and expectations of each student who becomes very important and it normally is not given the necessary attention.

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    The opportunity to study in the US and continue playing a sport is not confined to elite athletes, as some universities provide this opportunity to student-athletes who, having highlighted throughout their school journey failing to achieve the high level of competition demanded to qualify for athletic scholarships.

    Although there are no options athletic scholarships the process is very similar to elite athletes in this case because the key is to get, again during the recruiting, arouse the interest of the coaches of these universities.

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    Elite Athletes

    This page brings together all those student-athletes who play at a very high level in any competition organized and recognized at the university level in the United States sports and therefore can expect to get sports, full or partial scholarships at the University.

    For these candidates the process is clearly marked by the recruiting phase, ie by the efforts directly with coaches from different universities in order to generate interest and get a sports scholarship.
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The university period is a crucial stage in the personal, academic, professional and sporting development of every student, so the decision that each family makes, relying on a particular university model and a particular group of professionals who advise them and accompany them during this path should be taken assessing the pros and cons of each of the options.

In this sense W2A Management has a number of unique values while not guarantee the ultimate success of the process (nobody can) if options to optimize each of our CANDIDATES.

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